YES & NO 02:01

I know, I know, I know... It has been my intention to write this blog since the beginning of July. Travelling and production on the next YES & NO distracted me, and got in the way. The moment for me to sit down and write a blog never properly presented itself. Why? I really have no idea. Was it due to overwork? Yes. But we all know that’s an unacceptable excuse—not a satisfactory one at all. Was it due to a lack of ideas, a dearth of things to write about? Again, no, not at all, there’s always something to write about...

The important thing is—I’m here, and this feels rather like my first official blog. But the word ‘official’ sounds a little dry and boring, and that’s not my intention—to be either dry or boring.

Friday 31 August sees the publication of the 5th edition of YES & NO. The new edition of the magazine features a cover story on the sensational Alison Goldfrapp, and its number is 02:01. I met with Alison in London to talk to her about aspects of her personal creative life, her new photographs, and enjoying being in the moment.

For those of you who are new to YES & NO, the first four editions constituted Volume One. And so, the next in line, No.5, is the first edition of Volume Two, hence its number.

Reaching this milestone has given me a great deal of pleasure—and, it really has to be said, it feels like an achievement. I could sit back and tell you how easy it’s been, these past two years or so creating YES & NO; how everything has simply fallen into place—if not right into my lap—and come together as if by magic. But, of course, I would be lying.

It's been a rollercoaster struggle of challenges and failures and successes piled upon more challenges, failures, and successes. When faced with the first hurdle I thought I'd be the kind of person to give up in the struggle to get YES & NO off the ground. So many voices were telling me it would never work; they were loud voices, and relentless. The few voices that were encouraging me to keep on keeping on were gentle, soft-spoken, yet firm. And these were the voices I listened to, and heard.

On the eve of the first issue of YES & NO Volume Two, I'd like to take this opportunity again to thank all the supporters, the readers, the fans, the collaborators, the creatives, the believers. The whole thing needed a leap of faith, and you were like lifeboats in a choppy sea; the seemingly insurmountable waves causing one to be tossed about in all directions, in an ever-increasing confusion.

But we got there.

I'm going to keep this brief and just say, I hope you enjoy the new YES & NO. And if you feel you've missed out on Volume One, you can download all 4 issues through, Apple iTunes, and GooglePlay.

You can also subscribe through our dedicated portal. It's quick and simple.

Until soon...